Bag & Admission Policy

In order to ensure the safety and security of all patrons attending events in The Holmes Center, the following policies have been put into effect starting August 1, 2008.

The Holmes Center event staff will advise all patrons and guests seeking entry to the particular event that all parcels, packages, large pocket books, tote bags, containers, bundles, knapsacks, back-packs, umbrellas, coolers, bags, cartons, paper sacks, duffel bags, briefcases, portfolio cases, binocular cases, camera equipment cases, and any other type of extraneous device(s) which could be used for carrying or concealing items will not be allowed to be brought into the Holmes Center.

Patrons with prohibited items will be allowed to return such items to their vehicle but will not be able to leave such items outside the facility doors. Any such items left outside will be immediately discarded by the facility staff.

The only exceptions for entry will be small purses, and then it must, in fact, be a purse and not some other substitute device serving the function of a woman’s purse. Baby travel bags will also be an
exception provided a baby accompanies them. No other substitute purse devices may be brought into the Holmes Center unless approved by Holmes Center Management. Purses must be under 10”x8”x8”.

All small purses and baby bags will be subject to the Holmes Center Admission policy.

  • All persons and containers are subject to search as a condition of entry. Search is voluntary and persons declining to be searched may depart and may obtain full refund of ticket price.
  • All persons and containers (including purses, pouches, backpacks, etc.) are subject to search as a condition of entry into this venue.
  • Search is entirely voluntary, and you may decline to be searched without penalty or other adverse consequences.
  • If you decline to be searched, you may leave without interference, and you may obtain a full refund of your ticket price by bringing the unused ticket to the box office within ten (10) business days.


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