Arena Booking Policies

Booking Policy

Since several departments will share the facility, all efforts will be made to accommodate the activities of each department. Spaces that are programmed as shared space will be scheduled via email between The Holmes Center and HLES. The Holmes Center will have full, complete and absolute authority to establish the schedules for the use and availability of services and facilities, which it deems necessary to comply with any contracted event. As the schedule for the Holmes Center will be constantly changing, every effort will be made to keep all concerned updated.

Event Priority

University sponsored events such as commencement, convocation, and student recruiting events will have priority over all other events.

Other university events suited to a facility of this nature will have the option to hold dates within the limits and procedures listed below. Practices will be accommodates as much as possible but not guaranteed. Athletic department practices will forfeit the arena if practice conflicts with a paying event.


To qualify for facility scheduling, the following terms must be agreed upon by the user and the Holmes Center’s Director.

  • Time and date must be available
  • Event should be appropriate for the space, and
  • Rental terms must be agreed upon

Terminology and Process The process for scheduling the facility is as follows:

  1. Tentative reservation means that an initial contact has been made with the Director of the Holmes Center and a date has been assigned for a specific event. Requests for a tentative reservation will be honored for 30 days unless there is a challenge to the date. It will be the user’s responsibility to confirm dates.
  2. Confirmed reservations are those with specific programming/dates, and contracts have been or are being processed. Once a contract has been sent out the promoter will have 30 days to return a signed contract with a deposit unless there is a challenge to the date.
  3. Contracted reservations are events that have returned all appropriate documents and have supplied the Holmes Center with a non-refundable deposit as determined in the contracts.
Challenge Policy

In the event of a challenge for a date between two promoters, the promoter with the first hold will have 72 hours to return a signed copy with a deposit or the event date will be forfeited to the promoter with the second hold. The promoter with the second hold then has 72 hours to return their signed contract and deposit.

Cancellation Policy

All reservations must be confirmed in writing to the Holmes Center management. Any Cancellations must also be in writing. Upon cancellation, users will pay any expenses incurred by the Holmes Center in conjunction with their event


The Director of the Holmes Center will determine all staffing requirements for all events in the Holmes Center. As safety and customer satisfaction are primary concerns, professional facility management will always be provided by the Holmes Center. The operating staff of the Holmes Center shall at all times have free access to the entire facility. Subject to the Director’s approval as to numbers, users may issue credentials permitting selected persons access to specific areas of the premises normally closed to the public.

Security and Safety

The Holmes Center will provide security for all events and will be supported by ASU Police, Local law enforcement, and local fire protection as necessary. Cost of the security will be recovered from the user at settlement. The Director of the Holmes Center will determine the size of the security force based on the size and nature of the event/use as well as the general welfare of the community.

The Holmes Center management will monitor and limit access to the facility. Computer monitored access and key inventory system will be maintained by the Holmes Center and the Center’s staff must approve all key requests. Staff members who have been issued keys are responsible for the keys and should not transfer those keys to third parties.

Persons in the facility without expressed permission or with key/access cards that do not belong to them will be subject to all trespassing charges. Persons found giving their keys to unauthorized persons will lose access privileges and are required to pay any costs incurred to replace locks.

Financial Settlements and Expenses

At the conclusion of the event, the user will be responsible for reconciling all outstanding facility expenses. The settlement will occur in the Holmes Center offices. Any questions regarding the settlement procedure should be directed to the Director of the Holmes Center.

All event expenses, including rent for non-ticketed events are due in full prior to the start date of each event unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

Insurance Requirements

All events scheduled in the Holmes Center must be insured for the entire event, including move-in and move-out days.

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